We are faring better as we try to adopt aggressive strategies than our conservative competitors. 055telecom has developed our own distributions and logistics services entity that is qualified enough to meet the needs of the telecom operator’s distribution of products. With the capital-intensive telecom industry, we invented our own criteria to pursue growth in the distribution across the UAE markets.

1. Corporate for Enterprises
It has been notified that most of the telecom companies enhance their revenues through corporate/enterprise sector. 055telecom’s Corporate Entity offers a competitive landscape of mobile plans to our consumers. The company’s portfolio of services are devised to fulfill the needs of corporate market such as banks and other financial institutions, aviation, government, the public sector and SMEs across the UAE.

2. Corporate for Branded Power Retailers
Our international chain of suppliers provides us with high quality, state-of-the art and reliable products. 055telecom promotes a full package of well-designed portfolios of branded and licensed mobile accessories to fulfill the critical strategic and business needs of all key and major telecommunication retailers.